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Simple 2 Ingredient Cocktails | Win with Cruz Vodka

Are you in the mood for a cocktail? Duh, obvs! Feel like actually making the cocktail? Nah…. That’s my biggest gripe with cocktails, sometimes they are just so darn hard to make! That’s why we’re here to provide simple solutions for you, bless us. Herewith, a couple of simple and easy to make 2 Ingredient Cocktails! What fun, and to make it even better, we have partnered up with Cruz vodka to not only bring you drinks envy, but to gift one of our readers with TWO bottles of Cruz, Vintage Black Vodka. Read below for details. Continue reading

Recipe Diaries | Mexican Chili Hot Chocolate

GOLD CREATURES CHILLI HOT CHOCOLATE-1Even though winter is almost a thing of the past, there are still a couple of chilly evenings ahead of us (especially if you live in the Cape and that Black South-Easter decides to rear its head in your direction) that are perfect for a cup of Mexican inspired Chili Hot Chocolate!  Continue reading

Recipe Diaries|The Paloma, a Tequila Cocktail


A couple weeks ago Greg and I took over the Le Creuset Instagram account with our rendition of a Mexican feast. Mexican is our absolute favorite type of food and there’s nothing better to compliment spicy food than an authentic tequila cocktail! Here’s the recipe we used to make our Paloma – it’s super easy, tasty and ever so refreshing!  I’ve already parted ways with our Chipotle Chili Releno’s recipe – get it here – & trust me, this ones a real crowd pleaser! Actually they both are, serve the Paloma & Chilli’s together, serve them apart. Do whatever you want, just make sure you try them!  Continue reading