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Balance by Witchery

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Balance by Witchery | We all know how our lives work, they’re hectic! We’re all so crazed and stressed on a daily basis that its’ become really hard to find that balance that you need to keep on keeping on. I find that when I’m stressed or have a lot on my plate, my wardrobe is the first to suffer because there are more important things to get done right? Wrong! Continue reading

Our Wedding


The Gold Creatures Wedding | As many of you may already know, Greg and myself tied the knot in in March earlier this year. To say that it absolutely was the most magical time of our lives is an understatement. I think, as with most couples who decide to get married, you realize quite quickly into your wedding planning that your wedding is not all about you like people love to say it is. I mean it is. It’s about your commitment to each other and celebrating that, but it’s also about your family and more importantly, honoring them with your commitment. Continue reading

The Simple Things with Country Road

Life can get seriously complicated at times. That’s why it’s known that we get the biggest amounts of joy from the simplest of things. Life is all about the simple things. That’s why it’s always important to take time out of our hectic daily schedules to enjoy and really appreciate those simple little things that bring a warm flutter to your heart. Continue reading

Colonel Mustard, in the Dining Room, with the Candle Stick


Let’s jump straight into this one and just be honest. HOW great is this mustard Mango jumpsuit!? In the past, it wouldn’t have something I’d ever dream for myself but I saw it, thought what the heck, and tried it on. I love it. The colour is goes surprisingly well with my skin tone, well, when I had grey hair at least. I don’t know if I can pull this off with my current shade of pink now. Continue reading

There’s a new Flamingo in Town


There’s a new flamingo in town, and it’s ME!! Guys, I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to dye my hair pink. It’s always been on the bucket list and now that Greg and I are married and our wedding has come and gone (tear), I felt like I finally had the freedom to play around with my hair colour. We shot this about a day after I had the colour done and here, it is definitely at its brightest. The colourist did it on purpose but I almost had a heart attack when I saw myself – Neon pink was NOT what I had in mind! Continue reading

Missibaba’s Palermo Backseat Bitch Backpacks


One of our favorite local brands Missibaba Handmade has just come out with a spicy new backpack range called Palermo Backseat Bitch. The name in itself has got me interested and we haven’t even gotten into the beautiful designs yet! Below is an interview with Chloe and Lizel about all the details behind Missibaba’s new creations

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Exploring Androgyny | Mango Mono Jumpsuit


Damn guys – I just love dressing for winter. Especially in Jozi when the days get all toasty and I can get away with dressing in short sleeves. I absolutely adore this new Mango mono Jumpsuit I got recently on a shopping trip at Mall of Africa.

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