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The Simple Things with Country Road

Life can get seriously complicated at times. That’s why it’s known that we get the biggest amounts of joy from the simplest of things. Life is all about the simple things. That’s why it’s always important to take time out of our hectic daily schedules to enjoy and really appreciate those simple little things that bring a warm flutter to your heart. Continue reading

Missibaba’s Palermo Backseat Bitch Backpacks


One of our favorite local brands Missibaba Handmade has just come out with a spicy new backpack range called Palermo Backseat Bitch. The name in itself has got me interested and we haven’t even gotten into the beautiful designs yet! Below is an interview with Chloe and Lizel about all the details behind Missibaba’s new creations

Continue reading

Sleeping beautifully with Claudia Moruzzi Sleepwear

Claudia Moruzzi FINALS--4

If you know me personally, you will know that I love to sleep. I have never had any trouble sleeping – I once even slept through a fire alarm! So given that I love sleeping so much – everything involved in, and concerning my sleep is also very important (including my sleepwear). That’s why the new South African sleepwear designs from Claudia Moruzzi are like a gift sent from heaven. Continue reading

Keeping fit is hard guys!

Pure Boost X-2- Keeping Fit

I can’t be the only person on the planet who struggles to stick to any kind of fitness plan or schedule. Seriously, it’s a bad trait I have but I’m working on it (key word here is working). Greg and I are getting married so soon and you’d think that our wedding would be enough motivation to keep me on the straight and narrow right? Wrong! Keeping fit and slim it super hard guys. Especially when you have a black hole in your stomach that can only be filled by carbs – specifically freshly baked white bread and potatoes. Continue reading

A Maaji Shopping Experience

Gold Creatures - MAAJI-12

I was recently given the opportunity to have my very own Maaji Shopping experience. Of course, I jumped at it because well, who wouldn’t? I was told to arrive at Dress and Dare in Bedford Shopping Centre and the rest would be taken care of, here is what I thought. Continue reading

Keeping Cool – Shopping guide

If you are from South Africa then you will know that currently, the temperatures are almost at an unbearable level. Some of us are lucky enough to work environment that has an aircon, some us not (read me). That’s why I’ve put together this super handy online shopping guide for an outfit that will keep you cool (in both senses of the word). Now I know I literally just posted about wearing black in summer but I regret it and take it all back. Don’t dress in black right now. If you want to survive this heat and live, dress in white!  Continue reading